RT Booklovers Convention 2017
Hyatt Regency Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia ~ May 2-7, 2017

Ally is participating in the following events:

Petticoats & Pistols, Wednesday, May 3, 7:00pm-8:30pm, Regency 5-7

With the motto “Well-behaved women rarely make history” your fav historical authors again welcome you to our 2017 Petticoats & Pistols Garden Party! A celebration of those rabble-rousing women of history (both fictional and real!) This beloved annual event offers spectacular goodie bags to the first 400 attendees and raffle tickets to all for the 4 splendid MEGA raffle bundles filled with hand-selected special gifts from the host authors! Add our traditional bubbly, our “signature” Godiva chocolates, and our especially hand-crafted cover art cookies along with stunning décor, costumes and cover models (both swoon-worthy!) and you’re well on your way to starting off your RT social events with a bang! (No pun intended!)

Host(s): Jackie Leigh Allen, Rosanne Bittner, Ally Broadfield (AKA: Ally Mathews), Linda Broday, E.E. Burke, Christi Caldwell, Collette Cameron, Gina Conkle, Gina Danna, Suzanne Enoch, Elizabeth Essex, Merry Farmer, Heather Graham, Kimberley Griffiths Little (AKA: Kimberley Montpetit), Karen Hawkins, Elizabeth Hoyt (AKA: Julia Harper), Madeline Hunter, Jessica Jefferson, Julie Johnstone, Ciara Knight, Hildie McQueen, Kirsten Osbourne, Kathryn Purdie, Ella Quinn, Dawn Ryder (AKA: Mary Wine), Joanna Shupe, Regan Walker, Beth Williamson (AKA: Emma Lang)

Entangled Candy & Spoons Friday, May 5, 11:15am-12:15pm, Grand Hall West 3

Join Entangled authors, editors, staff, and 4 drool-worthy Sara Eirew models for this sweet event. Join over 50 of your favorite Entangled authors for a cut-throat and enticing game of Spoons that will have you yelling, “Bring it on!” Will you be the last one standing? At this annual Entangled event, everyone leaves a winner! Each player leaves with a custom tote bag filled with swag, books, candy, and custom gifts you can only get at RT. Besides the custom goodie bag, Entangled is giving away hundreds of books, and 3 Grand Prizes.


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