Their love transcended time…

London, 1812

Captain Mikhail Abromovich would rather single-handedly face the entire French army than follow orders to deceive Anna, the woman of his heart, by feigning a courtship to hide his covert activities.

Ever since a gossip sheet revealed the details of her extensive dowry, Princess Anna Tarasova has been overrun by fortune-hunting lords. When her childhood sweetheart mysteriously appears in London and asks to court her, it seems too good to be true.

For Mikhail, who is both soldier and spy, being chosen to represent Russia in secret negotiations with Britain should be the assignment of a lifetime. But once his deception is revealed, he’s certain Anna won’t believe his love is real.

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It gives you warm fuzzies and leaves you feeling content. ~Lady with a Quill

Remarkable…distinctive…engaging…the romance is absolutely lovely!” ~Monique, Goodreads

The political intrigue, with double dealing, secret keeping and so much more together with the well defined characters make this an engagingly different read. I’ve said it before and I’ll no doubt say it again – I can’t wait to read more in this series and others by this author in future! ~Splashes into Books


Anna overwhelmed him with her smile. His words stuck in his throat. If possible, she was even more beautiful than she had been the last time he saw her. She was slightly taller and had filled out a little, lengthening here and rounding there, as near to perfection as any woman could be.

Her eyes narrowed. “Misha, what are you doing in


“I wanted to see you.”

She bit her bottom lip, the same way she had when he promised her the war would be short and he would return home soon. “See me? I don’t understand.”

He steeled himself to the necessary evil of lying to her. His orders had been issued and he would follow them, no matter the personal cost to him. He brushed a lock of hair behind her ear, his legs weakening as his fingers skimmed across her smooth, warm skin. “I haven’t taken leave since I enlisted. The general

ordered me to go, so I decided to visit you. From our position, it was much easier and safer to head to the west, and I know how worried your father has been about your safety.” He smiled. “It was an easy decision.”

She shifted her gaze to something else, then met his eyes. “Should I expect you this afternoon, then?

Natalya will be thrilled to see you.” Her eyes roamed over him, and a wave of heat engulfed him before she turned away to collect her sword.

He glanced out the windows that overlooked a topiary garden, needing a moment away from her intense scrutiny.” Ah, I had forgotten that Natalya is also here. I shouldn’t think she’d remember me.”

“She probably doesn’t, but Papa writes often of your accomplishments. She views you as a great war hero.”

She held the sword in front of her in an unconsciously protective gesture. He ought to have known she was too perceptive not to have noted there was something odd about his sudden appearance.

“Undeserved praise, indeed.”

“Hardly.” She softened her sharp reply with a smile. “You forget how close we once were. You never could fool me.”

Her words sent an arrow through his heart. “I haven’t forgotten,” he whispered.

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